The Most Important Part of Getting Started, Is Getting Started......

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
— Walt Disney

I am a person who has a lot of ideas.   Every day I will literally have hundreds of ideas, oh we can do this or that, or wouldn't it be great if we did other.   It is actually exciting having such a volume or rich creativity bubbling in my brain but this can also be a drain and feel self defeating if those ideas remain bubble matter and don't ever get translated into being.   I have had to embrace and welcome the fact that the reality of life is that there may not always be the time to manifest every single seed of potential that flows my way; having said that however, the trick to getting the most important and prominent ideas moving is to GET THEM MOVING!!!

Like most people in 2016 I spend quite some time in my mind thinking, considering, comparing and figuring things out.   I have a perception that I must make sure that I consider every single angle and make sure I have covered and considered the best possible way to tackle things.   Now although being well prepared and considered is a wonderful trait to have, this can lead to analysis paralysis - arresting the development and coming to fruition of any of the golden nuggets of inspiration.    Something else which I also have which attaches to this a need for everything to be perfect........can you imagine, thinking and re thinking and starting and amending constantly before anything will ever be finished?   It is a nightmare!!!   It is actually a wonder I get anything done.  

My rehearsed responses have contributed to me dragging out finishing my website......I have played around with ideas in my head, on paper and in conversation, but today, I decided, IT DIDN'T MATTER!!!!   However far the site gets before I publish it, good or bad, I will be amending it and playing around with it because as in life, the only certainty is change - no matter how much we resist or deny this fact.   So I will be embracing my capacity to work with things not being perfect, move more into being and doing than thinking and analysing than constant contemplation.   I am grateful to have the best tools to help me with the transition into this way of life in Meditation, Reiki/Reiki Drum and Transformational Breathing (shameless plug!), and the feeling of being uncomfortable at this is not nearly as bad as I imaged it could be......

If this resonates with you -  hit me up in the comments below :)  Happy Hump Day!!!