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The Big Breath Company, Wheatshef Hall, Vauxhall, London SW8 2UP

I will be facilitating at the Big Breath Company Workshop below:

♡ Who’s it for? ♡

Whether you’re searching for something exciting, or numb with pain, or lost in depression and despair, or just plain neglecting yourself, one thing you might not realise, is your breath is a self healing tool.

Whether you’ve experienced Transformational Breath ® before isn’t important. This session is suitable for everybody regardless of age, physical fitness or mobility.

If you’re interested in improving health and well-being then this workshop is for you.

♡ What’s it like? ♡

This is a gentle workshop, experiential learning; connecting breath with conscious and subconscious mind.

You will discover the basics of Transformational Breath ® and develop an aware of your breathing pattern

Lie down on mats, with cushions and blankets, effortless and relaxing. Close your eyes, receive guidance, lose yourself in sensory music and journey ‘inside’.

We facilitate you using acupressure techniques, and sound therapy to help detox the body and clear the mind.

♡ What are the benefits? ♡

Transformational Breath ® is an integrative breathing technique. Helping the body to integrate stress, to promote healing, to reduce blood pressure, to reduce pain, this tool is fast working.

The benefits are numerous, lasting, and will remain long with you, after returning home.

♡ Workshop Hosts ♡

The Big Breath Company Partners supported by our team of Transformational Breath Facilitators will ensure that you are well looked after. We share a wealth of expertise across other disciplines, including Psychology, Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Yoga.

We provide a high ratio of facilitators to breathers, so you will receive one to one instruction during this workshop.


Wheatsheaf Hall Vauxhall London 29th Oct 16 2pm


Experience Transformational Breath ®


The Beginning of the Journey
Sat 29th Oct 2pm
Wheatsheaf Hall Vauxhall SW8 2UP
Who’s this for?

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