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Meditation and Reiki Drum Evening

  • EllaO Perrett Gardens Hertford, England, SG14 2LW United Kingdom (map)

Come and join us for an evening of meditation and Reiki Drum Journeying and give yourself the gift of relaxation, letting go, nurturing and nourishment.

We spend our time taking cues and stimulus from the outside world, responding to phone calls, emails, texts and social media.  Our working, social and family lives require us to be focused on the needs of others and along with the fast pace at which modern life moves this can leave us feeling very disconnected from ourselves and our own needs.   Being able to take time out and listen to our inner voice, the internal guidance which tells us what we really need to know and pay attention to and also how we are truly feeling becomes more and more of a luxury instead of the guiding force in our decision making.

In this evening, we will work with meditations that direct us to the voice that has been quieted so that we can listen to the messages that have been long overlooked.   We will allow ourselves to take on the wisdom of our hidden selves to cultivate truth and authenticity in our next steps.   These meditations will be combined with a Reiki Drum Journey.  Drumming has been around since ancient times and has been used in communal gathering for meditation, ceremony and achieving shifts in consciousness.    During this Reiki Drum Journey, you will access different states of awareness that support you receiving answers to your questions along with finding deep peace and relaxation.

This investment for this evening is just £15 and places are very limited so act quickly to secure your spot :)