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Finding Balance in Your Life

  • clarity yoga shala 65 Hatfield Road St Albans, England, AL1 4JE United Kingdom (map)

Finding Balance in Life can be challenging. Life moves at such a fast pace and we are constantly pulled in different directions which may leave us prioritising everyone else's happiness before our own. This level of disconnection makes it challenging for us to take care of ourselves and find space to interact with others in a meaningful way.

Join us on the 26th November for a Day Urban Retreat.
"When we look after ourselves well, we are truly able to help others."

Join Jess Horn Yoga and Ella O for a Transformational and Revealing day. With a carefully curated blend of yoga, Transformational Breath®, and a Reiki Drum finished off with a blissful Meditation this will give you the reset you need, leaving you r...estored and full of inspiration.


We will start the day with a yoga practice led by Jess which will be designed to show how we can use our yoga practice to bring about balance. We will look at this from an Ayurvedic perspective and use our practice for a time for deep inner listening.

“The resting place of the mind is the heart. The only thing the mind hears all day is clanging bells and noise and argument, and all it wants is quietude. The only place the mind will ever find peace is inside the silence of the heart. That's where you need to go.” Elizabeth Gilbert

Transformational Breath®

Transformational Breath® is the cutting edge of conscious breath work and said to be the most powerful self-healing system around. During our 2.5-hour Introduction to Transformational Breath® session we will look at the importance of the breath on our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We will explore how the breath is often overlooked and yet by learning to open up, utilise and truly harness the power of our breathing we can access better health and wellbeing, support detoxification and optimal physical functioning, rid ourselves of mental and emotional baggage and feel a deep sense of peace, calm and relaxation. If you have tried breathwork and think you know what you are in for, prepare to have your expectations well and truly shaken up!

Reiki Drum Journey

Reiki Drum Technique combines the vital beauty of and subtle power of Reiki with the sacred essence of Shamanic Drumming which has been used from the dawn of time as part of traditional ceremony and healing work. Drumming has featured in ritual work for many cultures to aid meditation, healing and celebration because the melodic sound and rhythm encourages our brains to release to a theta state of very deep rest from which we may be able to experience an altered state of consciousness. Combining these techniques promotes deep emotional healing, letting go of physical pain, the potential for mental and emotional reprogramming for old destructive patterns of behaviour, opening to your inner guidance & connection with optimal energetic vibration. We will use a specific question in our journey to help guide us to greater balance in our lives.

Finally we will end with a blissful meditation to allow us to absorb all of the benefits fo the day.

We will be sending you away with lots of tips and reminders on how to help find balance in your day to day life.

Snacks and Light Refreshments will be provided on the day.
Please do advise us of any allergies or intolerances.

Proposed Days Schedule:

10am Arrival and Welcome
10.30am Yoga and Intention setting
12pm break and light snacks
12.15pm Transformational Breath®
2.45pm Break and light snacks
3pm Yin Yoga
4pm Reiki Drumming Session
4.45pm Meditation
5pm Closing Circle and good

Questions and booking please call Ella on 07866 855 834 or email 

Early Bird Price £70.00 until the 11th November
£80.00 full price