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Meditation and Breath Course - Monday 11th September - Monday 16th September Incusive (Monday 9th October to be replaced by Wednesday 11th October)

“Where there is peace and meditation, there is neither anxiety or doubt.”

— St Francis de Sales

"If we know the art of breathing, we have the courage, wisdom and strength of then tigers" 

- Chinese Adage

Have you always liked the idea of meditation and finding more peace and clarity, but not really sure where to start?   This could be just for you.   Here's what Tim and Faye, attendees on the last course have to say:

"I’ve just finished Ella’s first six-week mediation course and it was fantastic. I’ve always had an interest in meditation and finding ways to relax, keeping myself grounded and getting the most out of life, so when I saw the course advertised it looked ideal for me.  I wasn’t disappointed. 

I learned so much about different meditation techniques and (probably more importantly) how to do them properly.  I now meditate every day.  It’s difficult to put into words the effects regular mediation has, but (and after only a few weeks), I’ve noticed some significant changes in my life - I feel calmer, more relaxed and I’m able to use my time more effectively.  

I also know that if I ever have problems sleeping then I have an answer for that too in my meditation toolkit!   More significantly, I have found that I can now look at problems or issues that would have previously bothered me, clogged up my mind (and may have even made me feel bad about myself) in a completely different light.  I can now solve those sorts of things quickly and without any emotional entanglement. 

As for the course – it was just a brilliant experience.  Ella is a very gifted tutor with a staggering amount of knowledge.  She is a fun, friendly and caring person – qualities that made all six of the classes unmissable, and know I speak for the other four in my group when I say that. 

I enjoyed it so much I would do it again in the future.  I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone, even the most sceptical of you."


"I have just been lucky enough to take part in Ella’s first meditation course, along with four others. We gathered for two hours on Monday evenings and they honestly were the highlight of my week!

I was nervous before the course began, but I needn’t have been.

Ella is so warm, so inclusive, so fun and so friendly. The sessions were chatty, funny, varied and personal. She is also an absolute font of knowledge! We learnt about, and sampled, many different types of meditation. I went from knowing almost nothing about meditation to knowing quite a lot about a number of different practices and their benefits.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, I knew it would be good for me to include meditation in my life, as a way to quiet my ever-racing mind, relax and find some peace. However, I had no idea how to actually go about this, and for a long time it had just been a vague notion: something I would like to learn about one day. Having completed the course, I now meditate almost every day. I understand the benefits and am beginning to see them first hand.

I would say that this course is life-changing, and something that everyone should try.

Thanks, Ella!"

Faye Wemyss-Cook

I ran a Beginners Meditation Course towards the end of last year and had a wonderful time sharing the magic of meditation with the most fantastic group.   I had planned to run further course twice this year but personal situations have meant that the dates I had set aside for the courses were not to be.    I am running a Meditation Course Breath Course which will run over 6 weeks (5 Mondays and a Wednesday) starting 11th September and ending on 16th October 2017.   There will be no class on Monday 9th October as this is Nialah’s 13th birthday so attention must be paid to this rite of passage; Mondays and one Wednesday will be:

11th September

18th September

25th September

2nd October

Wednesday 11th October

16th October

This course will cover a variety of topics and practices each week and look at ways that Transformational Breath®, meditation and other conscious breathing exercises can assist you in managing the stresses and strains of life with the aim of giving you the tools to build and sustain your own personal practice.  Each class will involve practical experience of breath work, meditation and a full Transformational Breath® session.   This will be a truly transformational period of time for all participants of the course, if you are ready this could be just the thing that you are looking for.

Investment for this course is £120