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Transformational Breathing and Reiki Drum

  • East of Eden Yoga and Reformer Pilates Hatherley Mews London, England, E17 4QP United Kingdom (map)

In this 2.5 workshop you will learn about how, where and why your body holds on to physical and emotional tension and practice how to release this with the combination therapy, Transformational Breath, which involves circular breathing, acupressure (light touch - no needles!), sound, movement and positive affirmations.This cutting-edge breath work can be powerful and transformative and great for those committed to change and self improvement. This will be experienced with music including live drumming from Ella Oliver who is a certified Transformational Breath facilitator and Reiki practitioner

You will experience the benefits of learning how to breathe fully and release tension from the body with ease by learning the cutting edge breath-work, Transformational Breath. The body and mind can feel lighter, freer and much more relaxed just after one session.

Accessing a full diaphragmatic breath can help you:

  • Improve digestion, boost circulation, increase energy and fitness.
  • Generate feelings of calm, release old emotions, feel lighter and more focused.
  • Gain clarity, inspiration and connection with your intuition and de-clutter the mind of negative chit chat.


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