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The Nurture Studio Transformational Breath(R) Breathing Circle with Yoga Nidra

  • The Nurture Studio Little Canfield Hall, Little Canfield, Dunmow CM6 1SP Essex (map)

Join me with a community in Essex who have experienced this type of conscious breath work before via either a one to one session or an Introduction to Transformational Breath® workshop. These monthly meetings are a chance for us to come together and focus on a particular theme each month; placing our attention on certain aspects of our lives and supporting us in moving forward in an empowered, conscious and responsible way.

Each month we will have a full Transformational Breath® session accompanied by either meditation, Reiki Drum Journey or movement (no experience required). This will help us to reconnect to our breath and the healing, insight, release and relaxation available to us via our breath along with the many benefits the supporting techniques will bring.

Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep is a relaxation practice that allows your body and mind to access deep states of relaxation whilst keeping your mind semi engaged (which is helpful if you find it hard to completely switch off your mind in a meditation). This results in you switching brain waves from a beta to more relaxed alpha state when serotonin is released into your system balancing your nervous system and then onto theta – very deep relaxation/dream state. From theta, you will slow the thinking mind and may dip into delta waves – which supports organ regeneration and healing on a deep level.

Come and be a part of an open and supportive group that will nurture and nourish your self development and evolution.

These session will be charged at £25 per session.