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Feeling the Love Urban Day Retreat

  • Clarity Yoga Shala 65 Hatfield Road St Albans, England, AL1 4JE United Kingdom (map)

Come for a Nurturing, Restful and Empowering Day Retreat.
Its all about feeling the LOVE!

Join us on the 11th of February at Clarity Yoga in St Albans.

It’s nearly Valentines Day - traditionally a time to show and express love to those around you.......but when was the last time you, showed you some love????
When we make the conscious effort to look after ourselves first, not only do we benefit from feeling rested, rejuvenated and ready to take on our responsibilities, but those around us benefit too. The old adage says - 'If you don't take care of yourself, no one else will' and there is some truth in that, yet we often neglect ourselves, prioritising everyone else above us.
We can feel guilty if we put our selves first but really its like putting our own oxygen masks on first - Once we have taken care of ourselves we are in a much better place to look after those around us.

Join Jess Horn Yoga and Ella O for our 'Feeling the Love' Urban Day Retreat held at Clarity Yoga, St. Albans for a day’s immersion in wellbeing all about helping you, to love you.
You will feel nurtured, rested and rejuvenated.
We will share simple tips and tools for you to take away from your time with us in order to help yourself move forward in an empowered, powerful and transformative way with practice and cumulative effect.

During the Day Retreat we will use the following tools to help you feel good and to get you started with self support, love and care to take you forward throughout the rest of your year:


The Reiki Drum Journey uses the ancient and melodic sound of the drum to invoke a deep state of relaxation and triggering of theta brainwaves (– the ability to access the mind’s state of deep relaxation, creativity, healing, intuition, unconscious mind, boosting of the immune system and rebalancing of stress hormone activity in our system) to support accessing answers, guidance and direction in our lives. During the drum journey we will use a question which will be accompanied by a focused drum beat format that will give us information on how to proceed in the coming year. Having this guidance will help us with setting intentions for your day, week, month and year ahead, trusting your inner voice and the messages/guidance you receive, being open to ‘out there’ ideas (- the thoughts and feelings that won’t leave you alone but don’t seem to make any sense at the time), but as life unfolds bring perfect clarity.


A carefully designed sequence of slow flowing yoga to get your body moving physically and energetically, waking up and opening the body in a strong yet gentle way. By using a series of yoga asana (postures) linked with the breath we will connect mind, body and spirit, activating the body by bringing awareness to our physical potential. When we regularly relate and pay attention to our bodies we can dynamically create a sense of our potential for potency and expansion – an innate human capacity to utilise our physicality to feel more and be more meaningfully linked to our day to day experience. When we listen to the vital queues and wisdom offered by our bodies, we learn how to know when it is time to rest and when we have more scope for being more active; a skill that is sometimes side-lined in our modern societies’ prioritising of mind lead action and engagement. Our slow flow sequence will bring mind and body into alignment allowing relaxation of tension in the muscles and joints whilst boosting all systems of our body and awakening energy. No experience of yoga is necessary to take part as levels of progression will be included for all abilities.


Our Transformational Breath® session will use a ground breaking conscious breath system to reunite us with the most fundamental of human support mechanism for life – our breath. We will learn how opening up your respiratory capacity will help you to feel energised, lighter, more focused and vital as well as aiding progress with your yoga practice too. Most of us use only between 25 – 35% of our respiratory capacity and yet our bodies get 70% of our energy via breathing, 70% of detoxification also happens via respiration. Given those stats is it any wonder that you may feel lethargic, weighed down and experience mind fog? Yet because breathing happens automatically we tend not to pay any attention to it and when we do, we connect to our bodies most fundamental, powerful and significant tool to expand health, wellbeing, physical potential, peace of mind, stress management and relaxation. The good news is, there is a way to turn this around. This work can be very powerful and effect immediate, profound and lasting change that positively benefits you and with sustained practice you have a tool for infinite expansion of your life experience on every level including a feel of presence and the ability to change your mood in the moment. Whatever your experience and preconceptions of breath work, prepare to have your experience turned on its head!


Yin Yoga is a practice used to balance out the constant activity of our day to day lives which can see us constantly on the move with little time to slow down, stillness and introspection. Focused on welcoming the feminine stillness energy, in counterbalance to our usual connection with masculine action energy, this practice supports rejuvenation, coming into balance and allows us to begin to release deep held tensions in the physical and mental body. Holding floor based supported poses for up to 5 minutes gives our bodies a chance to let go and unwind whilst facing the challenges that stillness present to us. We work on the connective tissues and fascia and release tension from the meridian lines, it can act as a deep massage for the tissues of the body, the internal organs and can help release stuck energy in the body.
Learning to connect to ourselves in this way gives us the chance to feel into our bodies and hear the messages stored in the tension and restricted spaces with a gentle approach to releasing and letting go welcoming more space instead of trying to force it. This approach shows us how through surrender there is much to be gained, taking this approach to our day to day lives can greatly enhance movement and opening in a contrasting way to our usual forceful habits.


A soothing meditation to end the day. Taking on the practice of meditation – the ability to monitor the mind and slow down persistent chatter and thoughts has been well documented to bring about many benefits to our system as a whole; positively reducing stress, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, whilst increasing concentration and wellbeing amongst many other benefits. Taking you on a journey through a simple meditative practice will seal the rituals of the retreat whilst giving you some simple tips to incorporate on a regular basis helping you to move through your days in a calmer, more manageable way.


“I discovered Transformational Breath® after hosting a workshop at my old yoga studio. I was blown away by the power and profoundly healing nature of the practice and its ability, so quickly and directly, to shift ‘stuff’ that I had been carrying around for far too long and had not been able to access and transmute until then.”

Ella is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator™ and Group Leader, Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher and has worked with a variety of people. Coming from a background in law and setting up several of her own businesses, Ella was particularly aware of the day to day clarity of thought, relaxation, stress management and energising effects of Transformational Breath® as well as its ability to deeply heal. Ella also loves working with Reiki Drum as it has the capacity to induce relaxation on a cellular level which overcomes our thinking mind in a most profound way. She sees clients for one to one and group sessions at her home in Hertfordshire and studios in the Herts and Essex areas. Ella is deeply passionate about sharing her work with children and adults alike and is working to make breath work part of everyday life.

Jess qualified as a yoga teacher over 10 years ago and has been practicing for nearly 20. During this time her love for Yoga led her to study with many inspirational teachers and study many different types of yoga and she is immensely grateful to her teachers.
Most recently Jess has found her spiritual home in ISHTA yoga (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda) and is now an Advanced Teacher - E-RYT 500hr, ISHTA Certified Teacher.
She was originally drawn to yoga for its physical benefits but continues to be fascinated by the many deeper layers yoga has to offer such as Eastern philosophy, Ayurveda, Breath work, Meditation, Mantra and Mudra.
Jess skilfully provides a space in her classes where everyone feels comfortable and can challenge themselves safely, whether they are beginners or more experienced yogis. She hopes her classes encourage more awareness, so people can connect more mindfully with their bodies, each other and our environment.

Jess teaches on the ISHTA London Teacher Trainings. Has been featured several times in Yoga Magazine, OM Magazine and collaborates regularly with Yoga Matters.

Early Bird price of £70 until 2nd February 2018, £80 thereafter. Contact. - Ella on: 07866 855 834 or Jess on: 07891 950 660 with any questions and to book. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.