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Transformational Breath Mini Day Retreat at Jala Flow Devon

  • Jala Flow Yoga 39 Sidmouth High Street EX10 8LQ UK (map)

Our lives are moving at an ever-faster speed as we rush from engagement to engagement; work, family and social commitments all demanding our time, effort and attention. Keeping centred, connected and in alignment with doing what is best for us can fall by the wayside.  in an attempt to keep on top of life and the pressures it produces. We want to be and do the best for those around us, but this can come at the cost of our own health and sense of wellness. When we strive too much for others and outside gratification, we can forget about making sure that our self-care needs are taken care of. It is such a simple thing to live by – if we look after ourselves properly physically, mentally and emotionally then we will better be able to take care of our responsibilities towards others because we can balance our needs and obligations to give us a more fulfilling life experience……… but how often do we do we actually commit to equal emphasis to the aspects of our lives?

Join us for an mini Day Retreat – Finding Balance in Your Life; a day dedicated to helping you find reconnection, rest and focus on your health and wellbeing. Designed to assist you in dealing with the day to day pressures and strains of living. We will guide you through a carefully selected mix of wellbeing tools to access physical, mental emotional and spiritual release helping you let go of stress and tension and find empowerment and focus to take you forward with more equilibrium and the all too elusive balance that makes all the difference.

A carefully designed sequence of slow flowing yoga to get your body moving physically and energetically, waking up and opening out the body in a strong, gentle way. By using a series of yoga asana (postures) linked with the breath we will connect mind, body and spirit, activating the body by bringing awareness to our physical potential. When we regularly relate and pay attention to our bodies we can dynamically create a sense of our potential for potency and expansion – an innate human capacity to utilise our physicality to feel more and be more meaningfully linked to our day to day experience. When we listen to the vital queues and wisdom offered by our bodies, we learn how to know when it is time to rest and when we have more scope for being more active; a skill that is sometimes side-lined in our modern societies’ prioritising of mind lead action and engagement. Our slow flow sequence will bring mind and body into alignment allowing relaxation of tension in the muscles and joints whilst boosting all systems of our body and awakening energy. No experience of yoga is necessary to take part as levels of progression will be included for all abilities.


Our Transformational Breath® session will use a ground breaking conscious breath system to reunite us with the most fundamental of human support mechanism for life – our breath. We will learn how opening up your respiratory capacity will help you to feel energised, lighter, more focused and vital as well as aiding progress with your yoga practice too. Most of us use only between 25 – 35% of our respiratory capacity and yet our bodies get 70% of our energy via breathing, 70% of detoxification also happens via respiration. Given those stats is it any wonder that you may feel lethargic, weighed down and experience mind fog? Yet because breathing happens automatically we tend not to pay any attention to it and when we do, we connect to our bodies most fundamental, powerful and significant tool to expand health, wellbeing, physical potential, peace of mind, stress management and relaxation. The good news is, there is a way to turn this around. This work can be very powerful and effect immediate, profound and lasting change that positively benefits you and with sustained practice you have a tool for infinite expansion of your life experience on every level including a feel of presence and the ability to change your mood in the moment. Whatever your experience and preconceptions of breathwork, prepare to have your experience turned on its head!

A soothing meditation to end the day. Taking on the practice of meditation – the ability to monitor the mind and slow down persistent chatter and thoughts has been well documented to bring about many benefits to our system as a whole; positively reducing stress, anxiety, depression, blood pressure, whilst increasing concentration and wellbeing amongst many other benefits. Taking you on a journey through a simple meditative practice will seal the rituals of the retreat whilst giving you some simple tips to incorporate on a regular basis helping you to move through your days in a calmer, more manageable way.


11:30 am Arrival and welcome
12pm Reiki Drum Journey
12:45pm Break
1pm Slow Flow Yoga
2.30pm Break
3:30pm Transformational Breath®
5:30pm Break
5.45pm Meditation
6:20pm Closing Circle

Cost: Early Bird (paid by 15th February) £70, £80 thereafter. To book email:

Earlier Event: March 11
Mellow Monday's
Later Event: March 18
Mellow Monday's