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One Day Transformtational Breath® Workshop - A Celebreation of Breath!

  • Ella.O Perrett Gardens Hertford, England, SG14 2LW United Kingdom (map)

In celebration of the International Breath Federation’s World Breathing Day on 11th April 2019 Ella.O will be hosting a One Day Transformational Breath® Workshop in Hertford on Sunday 14th April honouring the power, magic and healing power of your breath.   This workshop will include 2 full Transformational Breath® sessions (Transformational Breath® is THE ONLY conscious breathing system that as well as providing healing will actually give you the ability to expand your day to day breathing pattern this in itself is uniquely powerful!), information on how we can use our breath for pain relief, stress management, gaining clarity and direction in our lives, along with handy pocket-sized practises for you to take away and use throughout your daily life.

 Often overlooked and taken for granted our breath is THE giver of life in our human experience.  It is the only substance without which we cannot survive and yet because it is a function that happens without thought we may not appreciate the gravity correct and full utilisation can and will have on our energy levels, sense of vitality and wellbeing, emotional balance and welfare, focus and determination, physical output and performance and connection with others.  Yet when we give our conscious awareness to the act of breathing, we can affect and change our physiology in any given moment and through the practise of Transformational Breath® we are able to increase our potential for respiration by correcting dysfunctional breathing patterns that we have developed over our lifetimes which unconsciously see us limiting our potential to take on oxygen.   By restoring our innate capacity to access the whole of our respiratory capacity we will literally change and transform our experience of life.

If you would like:


-        Greater energy and vitality

-        Enhanced focus and clarity

-        Better physical performance

-        Enriched physical endurance

-        Self-belief and confidence

-        Courage to live life on your terms

-        Improved sleep

-        Stress relief & management

-        Reduction of anxiety

-        Improved physical health

-        Superior feelings of self-responsibility

-        Pain relief

-        Relief from respiratory restriction

-        Zest for life

-        Therapeutic support for medical treatment

 And many other benefits….. join Ella.O for this celebration of your breath!

This work can be very powerful and effect immediate, profound and lasting change that positively benefits you. Whatever your experience and preconceptions of breathwork, prepare to have your experience turned on its head!


During this event you will learn about the history of Transformational Breath® and why breath work is fast becoming the most sought-after wellness experience, you will go through 2 full Transformational Breath® sessions, 2 breath focused meditations, a shared vegetarian lunch and a Reiki Drum Journey to send you floating off home.

No prior experience of breath work is required to attend this event.

Early bird: £80 until 18th February £90 thereafter.

Earlier Event: April 8
Mellow Monday's
Later Event: April 15
Mellow Monday's