What client say......

“Ella is a great listener and a spiritual powerhouse. I was very anxious on my first session but she soon made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. The breathing made a positive change in the way I deal with my anxieties and negativity. Making a typical bad day into a good opportunity day. Thanks to Ella showing the way I will never stop breathing.”  

J Miles, Hertfordshire


"Ella's kind and caring presence can be felt instantly. She listens and understands and can therefore help you glide through the session even if you are faced with some deep obstacles. I felt safe, reassured and nurtured. Ella is as angelic as they come".

A Jacob, London


“For many years I suffered from depression and anxiety from painful experiences in my past and after having two lots of cognitive behavioural therapy that only helped me so far I was interested in Transformational Breath.  So when I arrived for my first session of breathing with Ella I was intrigued to see what would happen.   After discussing what would happen in the session we got started.   Ella made me feel so relaxed, comfortable and safe and guided me through the session.   After the session I had the best night’s sleep I have had in years feeling rejuvenated, peaceful and an emotional lightness.   Also my energy levels were up and I felt a huge amount of stress reduction.   I am looking forward to working with Ella to continue my healing.”

J Gardiner, Hertfordshire

Retreat Centre Space where I completed my Level IVB training for Transformational Breathing,  Mandala Tre Querce  or Mandala Three Oaks, Volterra, Tuscany, Italy

Retreat Centre Space where I completed my Level IVB training for Transformational Breathing, Mandala Tre Querce or Mandala Three Oaks, Volterra, Tuscany, Italy


“I found the sessions with Ella very helpful and actually they had a profound effect on me emotionally and physically.  I suffer with MS and I found the detoxing caused by the sessions helped my walking afterwards.  I am thinking of taking regular sessions with Ella in the future and find her a warm, perceptive and caring person.”

V Heywood, Hertfordshire


“Well my TB session was really special. Blissfully intense in the best possible way.  Ella you were so in tune and inspirational.   You conducted the session so well especially as it was my first time.  You took the time to teach and guide in a wonderful manor.   I naturally felt I could open up and talk to you as you eased me into the session, then when it came to practising TB during the session I was overwhelmed with the feelings that came up.  Hard to describe…..but something special.  Thank you Ella!”

M E Gimlik, London


“So as far as my breathing practice has gone I had only experienced yoga.  I went to see Ella for my first go at Transformational Breathing and I found it a very interesting experience.  Ella was totally cool and made me relaxed as she talked me through what I would be doing.  She actually talked me through the experience itself once we started so I didn't get stuck.  The experience itself was very different from anything I had tried because you are breathing for quite some time.  This did work its magic as there was definitely a before and after feeling.  I think if you are curious about it you should definitely give it a go and persists at it as people that do this seem to be very happy and healthy.  I would highly recommend Ella to help you out with this.”

B Heath, Hertfordshire


“I had no idea what to expect from my Transformational Breathing session with Ella.  I went into it with a completely open mind, which made the amazing results I experienced that much more mind blowing!

During my first session with Ella, she clearly explained what Transformational Breathing was and how the session would proceed.  Ella's professional yet light-hearted and caring manner made me feel very comfortable.  She helped me to choose an aspect of my life where I was wanting to see more clarity and resolution to work on during our session, which for me happened to be an almost debilitating fear of travelling.  A traumatic experience led me, once a free and easy traveller, to go into panic weeks before any kind of travel.  We decided to use "It's safe for me to travel," as an affirmation for my session.

Ella analysed my breathing patterns and was able to tell me a series of startlingly accurate observations about me as a person based on my breath.  I was intrigued by how all this could be gleaned just by watching someone's breathing.  Ella then guided me into the breathing pattern that is used throughout the session and into a making a series of sounds called 'toning,' which felt very freeing.  By the end of our session I was very relaxed and I left feeling much 'lighter.'  

As I approached my upcoming voyage, a 7 hour flight across the Atlantic with all the customary passport and luggage checks which usually sends me into a complete anxious state, I was surprised that the associated feeling of panic was nowhere to be found!  I still remembered my traumatic experience but my physical response to this memory had completely left my body.  A few weeks later I left for my trip and found the entire travel process was a breeze, and dare I say, I actually enjoyed travelling again!  

I would definitely recommend anyone to give Transformational Breathing with Ella a go, you have nothing to lose but what holds you back.  Thank you Ella!”

M Renwick-Foster, Hertfordshire


"Following my Reiki session with Ella, I felt relaxed andvery centred. After the session I asked questions around the different feelings andexperiences which I had felt during the session, and found the personalised feedback very informative as well as accurate, especiallywhen comparing to what I knew of my inner self. Ella herself has a great aura and radiates a relaxed environment,  which you need to experience for yourself to appreciate.."

J Elliot-Brown, Hertfordshire


"I had no idea what to expect when I agreed to try Transformational Breathing with Ella and I was in for a bit of a surprise!  I was already aware of the power of different breathing techniques through yoga but hadn’t really realised how many clues your body gives you about your emotions until I tried TB.  Ella guided me skilfully and respectfully through each session and made insightful observations about the tension she could see in my body.   Ella would use gentle pressure to help release the tightness which at times provoked quite a powerful response – at one point I actually thought my arms were growing.  The time always passed quickly and by the end of the second session I felt unbelievably calm, was smiling serenely and had tears rolling down my cheeks.  After each session I slept soundly and deeply (unusual for me) and the next day I had much more energy with lungs that felt as though they had been given a good spring clean.   I have definitely benefited from the experience."

B Carey, Hertfordshire

"I have been to Ella and experienced a number of Transformational Breathing sessions and found them to be very powerful, liberating and very effective in getting rid of all those negative feelings and emotions that we hold on to that do us no good stored within ourselves!   Transformational Breathing is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone to try!"

Y Bines, Hertfordshire


"My experience of transformational breathing was a eye-opener on every level; physical, emotional and spiritual. I went in with an open mind and took away so much more than expected. Learning how to breathe using my full lung capacity, and learning how little breath I had been using before, opened me up to a world of benefits: easing anxiety, relaxing, opening up and allowing emotions to release. Ella's aura of positivity, easy coaching style and positive affirmations throughout are an experience that feels like a gift, it has to be shared, and you will take your own unique learnings. Enjoy! "

Hannah, Oxfordshire


"After speaking to Ella I was intrigued to find out more about Transformational breathing. Ella made me feel completely at ease with her warm and welcoming manor, she explained all about the session and what it entails. She also took a lot of time to find out about areas of my life I would like to focus on healing and also a positive intention for the treatment.  I found the technique it a little peculiar to begin with, we don't often focus on a new way of breathing, however after a minute I was off on a peaceful journey of inner healing. Ella applied a light pressure to specific points on my body where she felt the emotional tension, combined with the breathing the dense energy I was holding was able to release.   After the treatment I felt lighter, calmer with a clear focus towards my intention. Transformational breathing with Ella will now be an integral part of maintaining my overall well-being."

Melanie, Hertfordshire 


"During Ella's Breathing and Reiki sessions she explains thing[s] about what you may or may not experience during the procedure.   Then Ella will make you sit up and show and explain to you how to breathe.  And then you start.  During the procedure you should feel a bit light headed and you might feel tingling in your body, but that is just trapped energy trying to release itself.   Before my Breathing session I felt a bit annoyed, when it finished I felt as though I had just met one of my idols.   After my Reiki session, I felt really sleepy."

J Beckwith - Junior Breather


"Before I had this treatment I had a lot on my mind.  After the treatment my mind is clearer now, I feel relaxed too."


J King, Hertfordshire