Transformational Breath®

What is Transformational Breath®?

Transformational Breath® is the leading edge of conscious breath work.  This self-healing technique has been called the most powerful on earth; harnessing the most comprehensive and forward thinking methods to use the power of the breath for optimal physical, mental and emotional health.  

If you know the art of breathing you have the strength, wisdom and courage of 10 tigers
— Chinese adage

‘I already know how to breathe!’  I hear you cry; ‘why on earth do I need someone else to teach me how????’.  I invite you to think about this, as human beings we can go for days, week, month without food, hours, days and weeks without liquid but the second we stop breathing at best we seriously start to deteriorate the quality of our lives and within less than a few minutes our lives will be over.   With this in mind it is easy to understand why the breath is called life force, prana or chi in Eastern based practices, so imagine what a difference being able to utilise the full capability of your breath and respiratory system would me to you in terms of feeling good, energised and vital?

Breath is a symbol of life, deeper the breath, greater the victory of life over the threatening irritants.
— Tasneem Hameed


In a Transformational Breath® (TB) session, we use the breath to allow us to open up and access the whole of our respiratory system in order to clear out restricted breathing patterns caused by energetic blocks.  We say in TB that the way we breathe indicates the way we live, so by opening our breath, we can open up our lives to infinite possibilities……..all in learning how to breath.... :)


Co-created by Dr Judith Kravitz in the USA as an exploratory approach to treating her illness, Judith used techniques she had learned and used as a breathworker whilst being inspired to develop them further into what is now Transformational Breath®.   Transformational Breath® uses the power of the breath along with affirmations, toning and movement and trigger release points to aid the release of long held breathing restrictions caused by the day to day experiences of living.   Once the fullness of your breath is accessed you notice the sense of freedom physically, mentally and emotionally.   Emancipating the breath in this way will allow you feel more energised, lighter, improvement in your sporting pursuits, more exuberance for life and you will also notice that they way that things that really used to trigger you will simply no longer have power over you!  


what could I expect in a one to one transformational breathing session?

The session will begin with a coaching consultation to establish what you would like to work on during the session.   We will explore your chosen area to examine the aspects surrounding it and come up with an intention - what exactly we will focus on as we work.   The breathing part of the session will begin lying down with breath analysis - seeing what your breath reveals about how you are living at that moment in time.  This will be followed by the Transformational Breathing which will last for about 40 minutes to an hour depending on the session time.   This time will also include a period of relaxation.   Throughout the session the work will focus on using the Transformational Breathing method to unlock your respiratory system and release and let go of tension; we will also utilise sound, movement and pressure points to assist in expanding your breath.   You may experience some tingling sensations, hot or cold feelings or numbness, which are all perfectly normal as the energy moves around your body; you may not experience any of this body feedback.