What clients say...

Relaxed and very centred

"Following my Reiki session with Ella, I felt relaxed and very centred. After the session I asked questions around the different feelings and experiences which I had felt during the session, and found the personalised feedback very informative as well as accurate, especially when comparing to what I knew of my inner self.

Ella herself has a great aura and radiates a relaxed environment,  which you need to experience for yourself to appreciate.."

J Elliot-Brown, Hertfordshire


Very powerful, liberating and very effective

"I have been to Ella and experienced a number of Transformational Breathing sessions and found them to be very powerful, liberating and very effective in getting rid of all those negative feelings and emotions that we hold on to that do us no good stored within ourselves!   Transformational Breathing is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone to try!"

Y Bines, Hertfordshire

Interesting and magic experience

“So as far as my breathing practice has gone I had only experienced yoga.  I went to see Ella for my first go at Transformational Breathing and I found it a very interesting experience.  Ella was totally cool and made me relaxed as she talked me through what I would be doing.  She actually talked me through the experience itself once we started so I didn't get stuck.  The experience itself was very different from anything I had tried because you are breathing for quite some time.  This did work its magic as there was definitely a before and after feeling.  I think if you are curious about it you should definitely give it a go and persists at it as people that do this seem to be very happy and healthy.  I would highly recommend Ella to help you out with this.”

B Heath, Hertfordshire